Voice Lessons

At Life Musique Academy, we will teach you the fundamentals of voice performance, and also effective methods that will improve your skills, which includes:
  • The classification of foundational voice techniques
  • Effective methods of practicing voice
  • The proper use of vocal cords and body
  • The correct concept of breathing
  • The proper way of voice projection through perfect balancing of head tone and chest resonance
  • Foundational voice techniques, such as scales, triads, arpeggios, and octaves
  • The use of solfege
  • The basics and tips for sight-reading and music score comprehension
  • Lyric diction of most commonly used French, Italian and German vocabulary in Lieder and arias
  • Immersive exploration of different music genres and composers’ styles


  • Beginners: $25/30mins
  • Intermediate: $28/30mins
  • Advanced: $30/30mins


Contact us today to sign up.